Effortless data.

Optimize your team's workflow with cloud memoization,
experiment tracking and effortless data versioning.


A powerfully simple system for your data.

HitSave’s core mechanic is simple: memoized functions. Think @lru_cache, but persistent and anywhere.

Simple. Collaborative. Data.


You write functions; we don't make any other assumptions.

HitSave is perfect for any field: machine learning, statistics, bioinformatics, finance, vision, optimisation, business analytics... anything involving data.


Share memoized results with your team.

Collaborate and modify code without fear of consuming stale data or overwriting key results. Model weights, datasets, logs are instantly available to downstream projects.


Fuss-free dataset catalogues.

Snaphot and upload your datasets, managed in a content-addressed cloud store. Keep track of licencing, compliance and auditing. Stream public datasets directly from our catalogue.

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HitSave is in beta.

Try the latest version by registering with your GitHub account. Join our Discord community to ask questions and help guide the future of our project.

Pricing Plans

HitSave is currently in beta, and we're not charging for users to sample the current version free for small projects.
Let us know what you think!


The free version of HitSave. Perfect for trying it out.

Free beta

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What's included:

  • One user
  • 100MB cloud cache
  • 7-day cloud cache history
  • 500 experiments
  • Email support


Great for individuals and academics.

Coming soon

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Everything in Community, plus:

  • Up to 5 users
  • 5GB cloud cache per user
  • Unlimited cloud cache history
  • HitSave Time Travel
  • Unlimited experiments


The full-featured version of HitSave, for data teams.

Coming soon

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Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Up to 20 users
  • 10GB cloud cache per user


For large organisations with bespoke requirements.

Coming soon

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Everything in Team, plus:

  • Private cloud deployment
  • Priority support SLAs